Parking & Shuttles

Kelly Birch Photography

Kelly Birch Photography

+ Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes! Our parking is conveniently located and easy for guests to find their parking spot.

+ are there easily accessible spots available?

Yes! From paved paths to convenient parking options we have the needs of your guests covered.

Please let our parking attendants know if you need to park up close or drop off a guest.

+ Are there parking attendants?

Yes! Our parking attendants will direct guests right to their parking spot so that they easily know where to park.

+ do cars have to be off the property at the end of the event?

Yes. Please plan accordingly to ensure that you have a safe ride home and your vehicle will not be left on the property.

Check with your event host to find out about shuttle & ride services that may have been booked for your event.

+ are shuttle services available?

Yes! Shuttles and hotels are easy at Legacy Hill Farm.

Lyft is also available.

+ what are the shuttle pick up / drop off times for my event?

Please check with your event host for these details.