How Does It Work?

Whether you want to host a simple cost effective wedding, create the wedding of your dreams, or add customized details as unique as you, Legacy Hill Farm will get you where you want to go.

Legacy Hill Farm has quickly become a highly trusted name in weddings and events.  Created by Daryl & Joan Hoffbeck and their family, Legacy Hill Farm has helped more than 300 couples clarify their goals.  And the results are astounding. Many couples have reported cutting their overall wedding budget by 10%, 25%, and even 50% while enjoying the most out of their wedding investments.  At Legacy Hill Farm couples are spending less, not more, on their wedding.

Legacy Hill Farm accepts only a limited number of wedding dates each year.  A Legacy Hill Farm Event Guide can consult with couples to help them clarify their vision and create a wedding planning strategy that works.  Legacy Hill supports couples with ongoing wedding planning concierge services, Wedding Planning Digital Worksheets, Workshops, and Vendor Resources.  We will help you learn our planning strategies, select qualified vendors that fit you, and, if you want, show you how you can release the details of your wedding day into hands of someone you can trust so that you can be free to enjoy it.

To become a Legacy Hill Farm Couple:

1. Reserve Date Now - Our online booking with real-time availability makes it easy to find and save your date.

2. Make Everything Official - We’ll send you a contract to review and sign, online to make it easy, of course.

3. Plan & Enjoy Your Event — You have fun planning and soak in your unforgettable event!

If you want to tour Legacy Hill Farm, you can book your tour now.

And if you have any questions to ask us first, that’s easy too.

Without a framework, couples become stressed, overwhelmed, and paralyzed.  We believe you ought to have a beautiful place surrounded by friends and family that launches you into your marriage and into the next phase of your life.  Becoming a Legacy Hill Couple is your path to achieving results for your wedding while enjoying the special moments of this once in a lifetime experience.

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