4 Reflections As We Launch Into 2017

Photo Credit: Levi Hoffbeck

1.  We have THE BEST COUPLES. 

We mean it.  Every one of you are incredible.  Every one of you mean so much to us and it is our deepest desire that your lives are full and blessed.  We hope that you remember this brief period of being engaged and your wedding day as a launching pad into a lifetime together that is even more stunning than your wedding day.  

Our hearts overflow when we think of each one of you…how you entrusted your wedding day to us and to Legacy Hill Farm.  And we are so grateful.  Thank you just doesn’t cover it.  


2.  Every single wedding day was incredibly beautiful.  

The beauty of each wedding day that has taken place at Legacy Hill Farm was not dependent upon the budget or the weather.  Instead, it was centered in the people and it was breathtaking because it was grounded in love. 

Our hearts are so full as we look back on two seasons of wedding days that each held a special place in our heart and in the story of this place.  Thank you for welcoming us into your family and for allowing us to walk alongside you during this piece of your love story.  

It is an incredible privilege to get to be the person to hug your mom and encourage your dad.  To cheer them forward when they feel overwhelmed by emotions and by all of the to-do’s that they want just right and perfect for you.  Their love for you is so great and it is stunning.  Thank you for letting us be there for them. 

Your grandparents (they are simply the best), your siblings (we love how they just get you), your extended family (they added so much to your day), and your friends (they are masters at celebrating you) - thank you for letting us meet them.  

Our farm has been a part of our family story, but with each wedding we see how it has now become a special place in so many other families lives as well.  And we are overwhelmed and speechless and in absolute awe of what God has done here and in what He continues to do.  


3.  This is just the beginning.

A Special Note To Our Newlywed Couples ~ 

Welcome to the Legacy Hill Family!  We are so excited for each of you and we hope you have memories of your wedding day that fill you with joy and that make you smile.  Your lives have changed from your days of wedding planning and you are now finding out how beautiful and how down right hard marriage can be.  As you embark on this new adventure of marriage know that we are still here for you.  We are excited to celebrate with you all of the new chapters that your love story holds.  If you ever need to just walk through the farm - to reflect, to remember, to re-commit, or to celebrate, let us know how we can help and give you that opportunity.  We are still here to cheer you forward on both the good and the not so good days.  


4. Here We Go

And so as we open the doors to 2017 and as we welcome new faces to the Legacy Hill Farm family it is our desire to have an upcoming season of weddings filled with beautiful days.  Even more importantly than each day though is each new marriage and family that is created.  We can’t wait to meet you.  We can’t wait to partner with you and to launch you forward.  It’s going to be a great year.