Springing Forward.

"Live a Life of Constant Anticipation" - Bob Goff


A snow covered vision is giving way to new life and excitement as spring is finally arriving at Legacy Hill Farm! 

Projects are getting tackled, strategies are being mapped out, and ideas are being realized.  It is an exciting time and we are leaping forward!

New floors are being placed in the barn this week and projects are well underway as we prepare for our first weddings.  Our church pews for our ceremony site are set to arrive in just a few short weeks and building plans are in place for our pavilion to be completed in May.  

New life, excitement, and anticipation electrify our days.  

It is incredible to see how each day launches us further into this journey.   

An amazing group of couples have caught the vision of Legacy Hill Farm and we are so excited that each and every one of them are going to be a part of our upcoming wedding seasons.  Each one with their own beautifully designed wedding, love story, and legacy.

We are also so excited for all of the new couples that we have yet to meet.  There are so many beautiful wedding days that await and we are excitedly anticipating the couples that will fill in our calendar.

More important than the wedding dates though, we are celebrating the marriages that will each begin here at Legacy Hill Farm.  Although we deeply desire for each of our couples to have a wedding day that exceeds their dreams and expectations, we desire even more for their marriages together to be truly beautiful and timeless.  

In the weeks ahead all hands will be on deck at Legacy Hill Farm.  It is going to be so fun to be able to celebrate each project completed.  We are excited for what is coming and we can't wait to see who else is going to catch the vision of Legacy Hill Farm.