"Our lives aren't lived, they're created." - Bob Goff

Creativity and inspiration are contagiously spreading at Legacy Hill Farm.  Ideas are becoming realities, dreams are being realized, and something incredibly beautiful and organic is taking shape.  

It is incredible to see all of the pieces of this dream falling into place.  

We have been inspired, encouraged, and energized by the incredible response that we have received since we launched.

Something bigger than us is happening at Legacy Hill Farm and we are simply doing our best each day to leap forward in pursuit of it.  

We are so thankful for the incredible team of wise professionals, strategic partners, and creatively talented individuals that have provided us with inspiration and support.  The insights of these amazing individuals is a gift to us and to all of the couples that will get married at Legacy Hill Farm.  

We are so inspired by each of our couples that are joining with us and seeing the vision of what this place is becoming and the incredible setting that it will provide for their weddings.  

In the midst of these freezing winter temperatures new life is getting ready to spring forward and we are getting set to do incredible things in the months ahead.



Britni NordineComment