A Simply Stunning Farm Wedding.

July 2015

Photography: Crystal and Zoe (crystalandzoe.com / @zoeandcrystal)

Flowers: Flower Market


Classic timeless styling and simply stunning farmer's market florals made this first wedding at Legacy Hill Farm absolutely beautiful.  

Even more captivating than all of the visual aspects of this July wedding day was the refreshing spirit and contagious joy shared by the bride and groom.  This couple's love for each other was tangible and covered all aspects of their day.  

Their timeless sense of style, desire to truly celebrate their wedding day with their family & friends, and their focus on keeping their entire day relaxed and fun created the foundation for their wedding.  Their wedding absolutely accomplished all of these things and so much more.  

We were so blessed to have Megan & Jacob be the first couple to be married at Legacy Hill Farm.  We wish them an absolutely beautiful and incredible life together.  

Enjoy this glimpse of their simply stunning wedding day.

Here’s the thing: you don’t get to take your wedding day with you. It’s lightening in a bottle. There are one million moments that happen on your wedding day and there is no way to be everywhere and remember every moment. That’s why you invest in a photographer, to be there for you. And that’s why we chose Crystal + Zoe. We trusted their creative license implicitly, and when we got our photos we realized they didn’t just capture every moment: they told the story of a day that means so much to us. They helped take our day with us for the rest of our lives. They captured our lightening in a bottle. - Megan N.

Let's get married

A beautiful wedding day does not just magically happen.  Instead, it is purposely created.

This couple set the tone for their day right from the start.  Their focus on enjoying every moment created a light hearted atmosphere that their family and friends were able to enjoy.  By releasing themselves and all who were involved from an expectation of perfection, this couple was able to naturally create a wedding day that could be truly enjoyed by everyone.

The First Look

This moment when the couple first saw each other dressed for their wedding day was absolutely incredible.  Tear filled eyes scattered the farm as family and friends caught a glimpse of this moment.

Some of the most amazing wedding day moments are fleeting.  Blink and you will find that they are gone.  Rush them and you will find that they have slipped through your fingers without being fully grasped.  

Don't be afraid to take time on your wedding day to savor each moment as it presents itself.  Take time to breathe, to laugh, to listen, and to just watch your celebration as it unfolds.  Give yourself freedom and time to simply be present.  Often it is in the smallest moments of your day that you will find the greatest treasures.  

capture the moment

Launching into pictures right after the couple's first look is a great way to capture the magic that a wedding day holds.  

Wedding Ceremony

This couple desired a Catholic wedding ceremony and to accomplish this they traveled just down the road from Legacy Hill Farm to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Miesville, Minnesota.  

It's official

After the wedding ceremony guests made their way to Legacy Hill Farm and the newlyweds and their wedding party stopped in Miesville at Wiederholts and Kings.  

Wedding reception & dance

Dancing on the Dance Floor

Chatting at the High Tops in the Lower Barn Bar

Conversations on the Patio under the Cafe Lights

Sitting by the Campfire

Walks through the pasture under a Star Filled Sky.


This celebration provided guests with a wide range of spaces and experiences for guests to enjoy.

We were married on 7/18/15 and were the very first wedding at Legacy Hill Farm. This might make some couples nervous, but we trusted Britni and Joan implicitly. They were easy to work with, incredibly accommodating, very communicative and made us feel like we were their first priority from the moment they told us they had our date available. Legacy Hill Farm was exactly what we were looking for: an outdoor venue (with a safe rain plan!) with beautiful, versatile spaces that could accommodate not only our larger wedding (160+ people) but the vision we had for our day. To us, the best part about LHF was that there was something for everyone. We've been to so many weddings where your options as a guest are dancing or sitting at your assigned table. At LHF, we had people dancing and sitting at tables, but also having fun in the photo booth in the barn, relaxing by the fire, chatting in the bar at the built-in high top tables, sitting on the cafe-style patio, kids running around and looking at the sheep and piglets, folks playing cornhole in the yard and just walking around exploring the beautiful grounds. We truly felt like our guests felt comfortable, happy and totally at ease at LHF. Our wedding was casual (pig roast and square dancing) but this venue could easily be dressed to the nines if that's your style. The contracted caterers were also easy to work with and the food was delicious. Our ceremony was at a local church, but the ceremony site at LHF is absolutely stunning and flows easily into the other spaces. We cannot recommend Legacy Hill Farm highly enough.  - Megan N. 

Wedding planning inspiration

Coach Bus Shuttle Services

Throughout the festivities of this wedding weekend guests were able to enjoy the convenience of coach bus shuttle services.  Guests loved that they were able to travel together throughout the weekend.  They also enjoyed the convenience of the storage compartments that made transporting decorations and luggage easy.