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French Country Inspired Weddings & Events | Minnesota

It's about more than a single perfect day.

Our couples believe in building beautiful marriages.


You've dreamed of your wedding for as long as you can remember &

we want to honor & respect that.

When our family & our team prepare for each wedding day, we are preparing as if it is our daughter ... our sister... walking down that aisle.

The details matter, but they must stay in perspective.

In reality, they pale in comparison to the beauty of what is being started when two people come together and speak two simple words.

"I Do."

Those two words change everything.

They are the legacy & the adventure.

They are what we celebrate.

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The Family

"To Love a Place, You have to know it first" 

- Jeff Johnson (180° South)

Our family has a deep love for this farm.  Three generations have now lived life on this hill and have called this place home.  Our stories are worked into this soil and worn into the authentic beauty that it holds.  Memories of barn dances, cottage nights, and late night laughter ring out over this hill.  This is a place where one of a kind memories have been uniquely crafted and built that will not be forgotten.  It is our pleasure to welcome you to this place that has meant so much to so many.

- Joan & Daryl Hoffbeck / Britni & Carl Nordine

The Family Behind The Details

& the coffee drink you will most likely find in each of their hands. 

FYI - if it's not in their hand, feel free to place it there.


This Is Us.
Minnesota | California | Nashville

Spread from East to West across the USA, our favorite days are the ones we get to spend together.


Jeremiah 29:11



Joan & Daryl (& Fury) Hoffbeck
Owners | Welch, MN

The core heart behind our family & all things Legacy Hill Farm.

Joan: Skinny Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha.

Daryl: Coffee, never.  The only reason this guy ever steps into a coffee house is for the love of his family.  Mango Smoothies or a Mello Yello are his drinks of choice.


Britni, Carl, Eli, Lela, & Titus Nordine
The Next Generation | Hello Wildflower | Red Wing, MN

This dynamic crew is the 2nd line behind Legacy Hill Farm.

Britni: This girl's got her hands full...literally.  She is famous for ordering two drinks.  A Cold Brew with Hazelnut & a Diet Coke or a Sparkling Peach Black Iced Tea w/ Raspberry (if she's at Caribou).  Any of the above will do.

  Carl: Dark Roast Coffee. Black.

Eli, Lela & Titus: Hot Chocolates All Around. 


Lane & Mahla (& Finnley) Hoffbeck
Business & HR Consulting |  Hoffbeck Consulting | San Diego, CA

The west coast spirit that pushes us to dream bigger & dig deeper.  

Lane: A Pour Over, Hammerhead, or Kalita.  If you have no clue what these are you're in good company...neither does our dad.

Mahla: This girl's doing two a days.  Morning - pour over (she doesn't discriminate against various types) // Afternoon - Vanilla Latte w/ Almond Milk

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.47.35 PM.png

Anna Mae Hoffbeck
Musician | Anna Mae | Nashville, TN

The Nashville singer that serenades us & encourages us each step of the way.

Anna: Black Cold Brew. All day. Every day.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.53.29 PM.png

Levi Hoffbeck
Videography & Photography | @levihoffbeck | San Diego, CA

The West Coast videographer & photographer that finds the light & masterfully pairs music to images.

Levi: Pour Over V60 or a Red Eye... yes, he lives in CA.

Images of Farm by Whims and Joy

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