We Are Hiring!

Available Positions for our 2019 Wedding Season.

Interested in more than one position?  Great!  Simply fill out one application and inside of it there  is a spot where you can let us know that you would be interested in other positions as well!  

A.M. Cleanup Crew Member

Our Morning People | They Embrace The Motto “The Early Bird Gets The Worm."

P.M. Cleanup Crew Member

Our Night Owls | Celebrations are the best, but post-party there's work to do.  

General Cleanup Crew Member

The Early Birds & Night Owls | Excited for early mornings & late night tear down. 


Parking Attendant

Fans of the Great Outdoors | They Make Parking Easy, Inviting, & Stress Free

Legacy Host

Meet & Greet Care Team | They Make Guests Feel Welcome & At Home