Fall Wedding Planning Workshop

If you've ever wondered "what is it going to take to pull off my dream wedding?" then you are going to LOVE our Fall Wedding Planning Workshop.

Exclusively for Legacy Hill Farm 2019 & 2020 Booked Couples AND their core team of family & friends that are helping them plan their wedding!


Sunday, November 11th, 2018

At Legacy Hill Farm


12:30 - 1:00 Property Open For Self Guided Tours (tickets required)

1:00 - 3:00 Legacy Hill Farm Fall Wedding Planning Workshop (tickets required).

3:00 - 3:30 Property Open Exclusively to Workshop Attendees: Explore the Property at your Leisure & Enjoy An Opportunity to talk individually with the Legacy Hill Farm & Hello Wildflower teams.  Get personal questions answered & walk through things with fresh insight & inspiration.


 Image by  @alileighphoto   Rentals by  Hello Wildflower

Image by @alileighphoto

Rentals by Hello Wildflower

What most people do after they book their date is...

They take a breathe, celebrate the decision(s) they have made, & stop.... (because some day it can get figured out...right?!?)

They create stunning Pinterest boards (but struggle to actually make them a reality)...

Stress slowly begins to accumulate...(because YES it's stressful to find that the photographer you had your heart set on was booked by someone else, or that your flower quote is way higher than you expected, & pretty soon it may feel like your decisions are picking you...instead of you picking them).  

The reality is if you don't do anything it only get's worse.  

 Image by  Matt Lein .  Rentals & Coordination by  Hello Wildflower

Image by Matt Lein.

Rentals & Coordination by Hello Wildflower

Imagine for a moment that You were given a clear path to your dream wedding.

How incredible would you feel if experts (with behind-the-scenes insight from over 200+ real weddings at your venue!) took away the guess work, showed you exactly what wedding planning decisions you were going to make next to build out your very. best. wedding. day, AND showed you what decisions & pitfalls will steal joy on your wedding day?

 Image by  Kate Becker Photography  | Coordination & Decor Rentals by  Hello Wildflower

Image by Kate Becker Photography | Coordination & Decor Rentals by Hello Wildflower


Fresh inspiration & loads of encouragement to propel you forward in your wedding planning this Fall & Winter, this would be totally worth it.

If this workshop only provided you with an opportunity to walk through your wedding venue again (in all its cozy Fall glory) & get your detailed wedding planning questions answered, this would be totally worth it.

If the only thing you got from our Fall Workshop was peace of mind knowing you have a clear plan for your wedding, this would be completely worth it. 

Not only does your couple ticket do all of these things, it does so much more!


Don't make your wedding day harder & the days leading up to it more stressful because you didn't get your planning started the right way.

What will happen if you go it alone & wait until someday to finally figure these things out?


it's Decision time.

You can either start solving your wedding planning questions now or you can choose to let the stressors continue to pile up. 

Is your heart breaking because you are unable to attend this event?  

We will miss you!  You can send 1-2 people to come in your place with your couple ticket. If you want additional people to come they should just grab additional guest tickets as needed here.

Who should attend the workshop?   

When the workshop begins in the pavilion the rest of the property will close. It works great to have your family / friends that you want to see the property to grab FREE tickets for the Self Guided Tours from 12:30 - 1:00 PM. You can explore the property together & then you can free them to enjoy the rest of their afternoon. They can drive into Red Wing & come back to pick you up at the close of workshop OR they can go home. We are going to be covering a bunch of information & so it is a great idea to just have the people stay with you at the workshop that are really interested in all the details that make a wedding day special.

We love kids, but our workshop is not the place for kids to enjoy their Sunday afternoon. They are welcome to walk around with you from 12:30 - 1:00 PM, but then they should head off property for their next adventure.

Questions?  Email joan@legacyhillfarm.com